Tech Session
25 August 2007

Pictures taken by Konrad Szwab

Konrad came with a slipping clutch. He left with a new throwout bearing, a replacement pressure plate and a replacement disk.
The old disk was down to the rivets! And I promise you.... there was plenty of the old disk remnants floating around in the bell housing!

Another good day at Gray's. Many thanks for his hospitality, the BBQ and his tools; which seem to disappear and then re-appear at a later date! Just kidding....

Gray Gregory, John Taphorn, Konrad Szwab, Bill Vasser, Doug Lockin, Dan Mixon, Steve Hawkins, Kirby Schrader, Orville Burg, Kjetil and Lisa (all the way from Norway) and JT's neighbor, Bruce.

Here's some pictures that Konrad snapped while there.